ACORN Exposed–Two Members of The ACORN 8 on Glenn Beck

The Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now, or ACORN, is currently under investigation for voter registration fraud in Nevada, and has been confronted with such cases across the United States in the last few years. What started as an organization with the mission to empower poor and minority Americans has been transformed into a corrupt and power-hungry outfit, doing whatever it takes to gain money and influence on the backs of the people it was meant to help, claim D.C. ACORN Chairwoman Marcel Reid and now terminated national board member Karen Inman. The two are members of “the ACORN 8,” a group which has now grown exponentially with current and former ACORN members who are seeking to look into the organization’s books, uncover the corruption, and get the organization back to its mission.

This segment of the Glenn Beck show is long, but well worth watching if you’re interested in learning about ACORN from two former national board members, one who is still inside the organization. At the end of the segment Reid makes a striking call to US legislators, “I would just like to say that ACORN does not need to be funded with any more taxpayer dollars until we find out what happened to the last tax Payer dollars that it was funded with.”

[Video - ACORN 8 Members with Glenn Beck]

Yesterday, Senator John Conyers killed a Senate probe into ACORN’s actions and Democrats remain divided on how to deal with the organization.

Find out more about the ACORN 8 and their mission at their website.

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